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Have you ever counted your daily steps? Do you know how much you walk in a day? With more and more jobs taking place in front of a computer, a sedentary lifestyle has become quite the norm. But what if I were to tell you that you can get paid for walking? If you find it hard to believe, check out our Sweatcoin Review.

This innovative fitness app gives you virtual money for your walking effort; you will then be able to redeem it, either as cash or rewards depending on how much you have earned.

If you’re wondering how this app can pay you for such thing, if it truly works, or if it’s legit, read this Sweatcoin review before installing it.

1. What is Sweatcoin?
2. How Does Sweatcoin Work? How Does Sweatcoin Make Money?
3. Is Sweatcoin Legit?
4. Sweatcoin Hacks
5. Conclusion

1. What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is an innovative fitness app and business concept developed to transform your steps into cryptocurrency. Born in London, United Kingdom, this app incentivizes walking outdoors and a healthy lifestyle.

Available for iPhone and Android users, the app can be easily downloaded from the App or Play Store, and you can use it either for free or opt for a premium plan.

Once installed, the app will record your steps and convert them into Sweatcoins. You will then be able to redeem the Sweatcoins as rewards, gift cards, or even cash if you have enough currency in your account.


2. How Does Sweatcoin Work? How Does Sweatcoin Make Money?

Designed to reward people for walking outdoors and conducting a healthy lifestyle, Sweatcoin utilizes GPS technology to track and count the steps you take. It runs in the background of your phone and gives you 0.95 Sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps.

Various membership plans determine how many Sweatcoins you can earn every day. Upon installation, you are automatically subscribed to a free plan that allows you to earn up to 5 coins a day.

Besides this free plan, you can also upgrade to one of the paid membership version; the great news is that you’ll pay in Sweatcoins, which basically means that the app will give you a bit less cryptocurrency for your steps, not that it will take you money from the bank account.

If this sounds exciting, know that you can opt for one of the following plans:

  • Mover: Free. You can earn up to 5SWC per day.
  • Shaker: It costs 5SWC per month. You can earn up to 10SWC per day.
  • Quaker: It costs 20SWC per month. You can earn up to 15SWC per day.
  • Breaker: It costs 30SWC per month. You can earn up to 20SWC per day.

Once you have gathered enough Sweatcoins, you can use the cryptocurrency to buy various products including gadgets, electronics, restaurant or store vouchers, and more.

At this point, the question may arise spontaneously. How does Sweatcoin make money, and how can they afford to pay you for walking?

The answer is simpler than it seems. Through advertising. User earnings are capped for a reason – you can’t make too much money too soon. The daily offers you can see on the app are all excellent, but most of them are timed. Most companies utilize Sweatcoin to advertise their products, and many users who don’t have enough Sweatcoins to claim an offer will simply buy what they need from the manufacturer’s website. A win-win for everyone involved.

You’ll still be able to claim an offer after you’ve walked enough and use your Sweatcoins sooner or later, and that’s what truly matters in the end.

3. Is Sweatcoin Legit?

In short, yes. As discussed above, companies pay Sweatcoin for the publicity and brand awareness they get. Sweatcoin gives part of that money back to their users, incentivizing walking and a healthy lifestyle. But this doesn’t mean that it’s all sugar and spice.

Like anything else, Sweatcoin comes with pros and cons.

Sweatcoin Advantages

Undoubtedly, the app’s main advantage is that it promotes a healthy lifestyle. Numerous studies show that people are more willing to do something if they receive something in return for their actions.

While Sweatcoin isn’t a fitness app in the true meaning of the world, it still stimulates users to get out there and walk.

You will gain access to a host of unbreakable deals that will stimulate you to walk more and earn more coins.

Furthermore, despite being called “paid” plans, you won’t actually have to pay to upgrade your membership.

If you don’t like any of the deals, you’ll also be able to transform the Sweatcoins in your local currency and withdraw the amount to PayPal once you’ve reached a certain threshold.

Sweatcoin Disadvantages

Those who claim that Sweatcoin is a scam are those who don’t pay attention to details and don’t understand that the app only pays you for the steps you take outside. You can walk miles indoors, but you won’t get any SWC for it.

Another slight drawback is that the app is not always accurate. If there is no coverage in the area, it won’t record your steps.

You must also leave the app open in the background. If you force close it by mistake, Sweatcoin won’t be able to record your steps. Luckily, the running app doesn’t drain the battery too fast.

You should also know that some of the membership plans are unrealistic. If walking 10,000 steps a day is feasible, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever walk 20,000 steps unless you’re an athlete.

Ultimately, some people feel the rewards they can claim are quite limited. Most of the times, you’ll be able to claim gift cards and discounts from online stores, but the really good deals are either timed or limited.

4. Sweatcoin Hacks

While Sweatcoin wants to incentivize a healthy lifestyle, some people may still want to use hacks to record untaken steps, earn more coins, and trade them for rewards. While there are few things that can cheat the app, you can use some shortcuts to earn faster.

Run instead of walking: If you’re an athlete, you can upgrade your plan to Quaker and run instead of walking. Needless to say that you’ll be able to cover a longer distance if you run. Thus the app will record more steps.

Ride instead of walking: If you don’t like to run but have a bike, place the phone in your pocket and ride your bike instead of walking. Bike riding is still workout, but your app will count that you’ve walked more than you have actually walked.

Ask friends for help: If you want to lounge in your living room and enjoy your favorite Netflix show while Sweatcoin is giving you money, ask your family members or friends to take your phone with them when they’re going out. This trick seems to work quite well, and you won’t have to do anything to score the deals.

Get some help from your pets: Some users confessed that they tied the phone to their pet’s collar when walking the dog. Let your pooch run freely in a park, and the app will count the movement as steps.

Shake the phone: There are mixed feelings about this hack, but some users claim that the app will record steps if you simply shake the phone. Whether it works or not, it’s undoubtedly worth trying.

Before trying any of these hacks, remember that Sweatcoin will cancel your account if they detect any form of cheating. Furthermore, you should also beware of many sites and apps that promise you to miraculously increase the number of steps registered on Sweatcoin.

Many of these apps are either malware or viruses developed to steal your data or infect your device.


Sweatcoin is a legit and innovative fitness app developed to help sedentary people turn to a healthy lifestyle. To do that, the app pays you for walking outdoors. The technologies involved prevent the app from registering any steps you’ve taken indoors, while the possibility to compete against your friends make it even more incentivizing and fun to use.

Scoring points and earning Sweatcoins is easy, but you might have to walk quite a few miles before having enough cryptocurrency to claim a reward. At the end of the day, that’s the app’s purpose, as it stimulates you to walk further and more frequently.

Like anything else, it might have downsides. The app might skip recording steps sometimes, and it may drain your battery faster. Perhaps you won’t always like the rewards you can claim either.

All in all, though, Sweatcoin pays you for walking. Even the paid plans are actually free, so there is no reason not to try it.

Regardless of how long it might take you to build sufficient credit to claim rewards, using it to get freebies for just doing something you should do anyway is more than worth it.


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