Top 10 Sites Like Vipon to Get 100% Off Amazon Deals




Vipon is one of the largest discount sites for Amazon shoppers in the world. The platform gives away coupons and discount codes, usually in exchange for a detailed product review, in an attempt to help sellers grow their profile organically.

If the idea of scoring great deals appeals to you, know that there are many other sites like Vipon you can try. Check them out below.

1. Jumpsend
2. Rebatekey
3. Snagshout
4. Dealsgogogo
5. Cashbackbase
6. AMZ.OneDealClub
7. EliteDealClub
8. UberZonClub
9. Rank Booster
10. Tomoson

1. Jumpsend

Jumpsend sites like vipon

Jumpsend was used to be Amazon feedback tool used by Amazon sellers to get reviews on their products, and a great place where you can score deals on Amazon. While giveaways are less frequent than deals, many of the products here can be discounted with as much as 50%.

To get the deal, you have to register then browse the offers or search the product you want to buy by using the search bar. Click on the offer you’re interested in and claim it. This service is available to users in the US and UK.

2. Rebatekey

Rebatekey sites like vipon

Another place where sellers on Amazon meet to give away their products is Rebatekey. You will not get a discount here, but a rebate on your purchase. This means you’ll have to pay the full cost of the item you want to buy; then the site will give you money back once the seller approved the transaction.

You don’t need an account to browse through offers but will have to make one if you want to buy it. The service is only available to customers in the US, but you can get rebates not only from Amazon, but also eBay, Shopify, Walmart and so on.

3. Snagshout

Snagshout sites like vipon

If you want to get heavy discounts on Amazon, Snagshout is the place to be. This is one of the many sites like Vipon that gathers massive deals on almost all items out there. In an attempt to make things fair, Snagshout only allows claiming a limited number of deals. But this makes the website fun to use.

Not only the merchants can limit the number of deals for each product, but you’ll also get limited snags which replenish every two days.

Once you claimed a deal, the platform keeps your rebate for 30 days; then you’ll get the amount in your account after the merchant confirms the transaction.

4. Cashbackbase

Cashbackbase sites like vipon

As its name suggests, Cashbackbase is a cashback website you can use to shop and claim money back on your purchases. The platform offers a wide range of discounted products, hot deals and even help you get free stuff on Amazon.

You can start by browsing the Freebies or hot deals page. Find the offer you’re interested in, and claim it after you registered.

Since the platform gives you money back, you will have to pay for the entire value of the product upfront. Once the seller approves the transaction, the site will pay the money back into your account.

Just as on Vipon, you will usually have to leave a review of the product.

5. Dealsgogogo

Dealsgogogo sites like vipon

Dealgogogo partners with Amazon to provide you with the best discount codes and deals you could dream about. You can either browse the site and find coupons and deals yourself, or use the Chrome extension.

Whether you use the extension or the browser, you’ll have to register to apply the coupons. Many users find the extension easier to use, as it gives them the opportunity to shop at Amazon and only search for coupons after they selected a product.

A thing to keep in mind is that you should only apply one coupon per purchase, even if you found multiple deals you’re interested in. Amazon often applies only one coupon per purchase; that’s why you should avoid trying to use more than one.

6. AMZ.OneDealClub

AMZ.OneDealClub sites like vipon

As its name suggests, AMZ.One deal club is a place where you can get exclusive Amazon deals. The platform partners with the giant marketplace and delivers unique promotions and discount codes. You will have to register to access all these offers, but the hassle is well worth it.

Inside the private area, you’ll get access to a host of interesting coupons you can’t find elsewhere.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can even get free shipping; otherwise, you will only receive the discount on the retail price, but you will have to pay the shipping fees.

7. EliteDealClub

EliteDealClub sites like vipon

EliteDealClub is another place where you can get heavily discounted or free products. Just like AMZ.One, Elite Deal Club is a private site, and you will have to register to access the offers. Once registered, you can claim coupons and buy discounted items.

Like all other sites like Vipon, the purpose of this platform is to help sellers get product reviews; it is up to you to provide the review or not though.

The best part is that you can apply the coupons directly at Amazon, and you’ll have even further advantages if you are a Prime member.

8. UberZonClub

UberZonClub sites like vipon

One of the most exclusivist clubs for shoppers and Amazon sellers, UberZonClub is one of the best sites like Vipon. You won’t see any deals when landing on the platform, and your only options will be to create an account or log in.

Creating an account is easy thanks to the integration with Facebook. After you have created the account, you’ll be able to access a bunch of exclusive offers and deals.

Since all offers here are limited, the rule is that you have to redeem the coupons you claim. Failure to comply with this requirement may mean that you’re left out from the daily promotions the platform sends to its members.

9. Rank Booster

Rank Booster sites like vipon

Another great site to check out is Rank Booster. The platform gathers dozens of discounts and freebies for its members, and it’s easy to find all imaginable products here.

Like all other sites like Vipon, Rank Booster was born with the intention to help sellers grow their businesses organically. But if on most sites you’re not required actually to share your reviews, this is part of your agreement with this platform.

Not only you’ll have to leave a review, but you will also have to share the item on your social media. You will be required to pay for the product up front, and once the seller approved your purchase, the platform will give you cash back.

10. Tomoson

tomoson sites like vipon

Tomoson is not for everyone, but if you’re a social media influencer, this is the best sites like Vipon to know about. The platform aims to be a bridge between influencers and sellers on different marketplaces.

You’ll have access to heavily discounted or free products in the exchange of a review and share on your socials.

The platform is free for influencers to join, but you will have to have a great social reach to be accepted.


Undoubtedly, scouring Vipon as well as the top sites like Vipon is a great way to find the items you need for free or at heavily discounted prices. While each site comes with its own rules, it’s generally simple to score a deal, either by applying a coupon or by receiving cashback on your purchases.


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