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Since it first emerged years ago, online shopping opened a world of possibilities. You can find virtually anything online, from cheap stuff to high-end luxury goods. If you’re a flea market enthusiast always looking for the next bargain, then perhaps you’d love the idea of tackling some of the world’s most popular online flea markets.

Yes, they really are a thing, and you can find almost all imaginable products on these sites.

Here are 13 awesome online flea markets to buy cheap stuff from and, why not, find your next treasure.

1. 9 Best Online Flea Markets You Can Trust
2. 4 Online Flea Markets You Can Try But We Don’t Recommend
3. Tips and Tricks to Buying Things on Online Flea Markets
4. Conclusion

9 Best Online Flea Markets You Can Trust

Online flea markets, pretty much like any other website, can be trustworthy or not. Whether payments are not secure or there are not enough users, there are many reasons why you might want to skip a given site now and then.

That’s why we decided to divide this article into two parts. The first 9 online flea markets below have been online for years and are renowned for their reliability.

One thing to keep in mind before starting is that on each of these platforms you’ll buy from other people who can be scammers. This doesn’t mean the whole site is a scam. It just mean you had bad luck in choosing who to do business with.

That said, here are the 9 best online flea markets you can trust.

1. Craigslist


Monthly visits: 427.10M

Available countries: 70 countries

Craigslist is perhaps the most renowned online flea market. It is available in 70 countries and over 700 cities around the world, and you can find pretty much anything on the platform.

From local news to housing, community and local forums, jobs, and a myriad of second-hand stuff on sale, this is one of the most exceptional all-rounders when it comes to online flea markets.

2. Ebay


Monthly visits: 995.70M

Available countries: Over 100 countries and 23 international websites

Right after Craiglist, there is eBay. This website is renowned worldwide and is second to Amazon only. From new to second or even third-hand stuff, you can browse its categories to find cheap items, bargains, but also luxury goods.

Receiving over 990 million visits a month and counting milliards of users and visitors, this is one of the biggest online flea markets to check out.

3. Etsy


Monthly visits: 196.50M

Available countries: 36 countries

Etsy is more than an online flea market. This website is dedicated to the arts and crafts and is the place where you can buy unique or vintage goods, handmade items, one-of-a-kind artworks, and inspiring accessories.

Various sections comprise handmade jewels, wedding, and party accessories, home and living, toys and entertainment, art and other collectibles, as well as arts and crafts supplies.

While it’s a rather new addition to the online flea markets, Etsy has surely made a name for itself and is currently attracting a bunch of users interested in all things nice.

4. Mercari


Monthly visits:54.50M

Available countries: US, JP, UK

Mercari is not one of the most international online flea markets, but it’s hugely popular in the only two countries where it is available, the United States and Japan.

Acclaimed by international critics as one of the fastest expanding businesses, Mercari advertises itself as a place where you can find just about anything. From used items to new gadgets, this is a great site to visit if you’d like to find true bargains.

5. Bonanza


Monthly visits: 5.20M

Available countries: 11 countries

Bonanza is an alternative to eBay, a site where you can buy everything and anything. According to the website, here you can find anything but the ordinary; browse through multiple categories and subcategories ranging from fashion to video games and anything else.

The nice thing is that you can sort items by brands, or pick to choose only the deals cheaper than your desired threshold.

While most items are second-hand, it’s also easy to find a bunch of new items and stock sales at very competitive prices.

6. Letgo


Monthly visits: 14.70M

Available countries: 40 countries

More than an online flea market, Letgo is the place where you can buy anything, sell anything, and even hire professionals to do the things you can’t or don’t want to do. Available in 40 countries, the market enjoys a wealth of monthly visits and hundreds of new daily ads.

Whether you’re looking for a specific item or just a bargain, it’s great checking this platform out every now and then.

7. Shpock


Monthly visits: 5.70M

Available countries: UK, AT, DE

If you’re looking to broaden your horizons and expand your bargain research in Europe, then Shpock should be on your list. The marketplace advertises used items majorly, although it is possible to find some new items too.

While you’re very likely to find a lot of junk in here, such as used iPhone covers and crappy second-hand clothes, it is also possible to spot rare treasures and luxury items.

8. Maxsold


Monthly visits: 1.1M

Available countries: US, CA

Maxsold is both an online flea market and auction site where you can buy rare gems from real estate downsizing. Due to the nature of the website, it’s very likely to find well-kept pieces that simply don’t fit into their owners’ new home anymore or that are too big to be transported to a faraway location.

Whatever you need, you can surely find interesting bargains and auctions on this website.

9. Online flea markets on Facebook

Online flea markets on Facebook

With millions of visits each day and worldwide coverage, Facebook is one of the best places where to search for interesting online flea markets. Simply type flea markets in the search box, and you’ll get dozens of results.

You can pick the ones you’re interested in based on the number of members in the group or items they sell.

There is no real limit when it comes to buying or selling on Facebook, and you can pretty much find everything that you wish.

4 Online Flea Markets You Can Try But We Don’t Recommend

While we strongly believe in the potential of all online flea markets above, there are also a few of them that strive to succeed but just don’t promise a lot. We feel like we have to mention them in here for the sake of this article, but we don’t really recommend them.

While you could try your luck and maybe even score some great deals on any of these sites, they have few visits, few items on sale, and may even be closed someday.

Now, that said, let’s check them out.

10. 5Miles

Monthly visits: 300.50K

Available countries: US

While 5Miles enjoy a quite wide coverage in the US, is almost unknown in the rest of the world. In fact, the website gets only about 300,000 visits a month.

You can still find a decent number of ads on it, though, so it’s truly worth checking out.

The website is user-friendly and divided into multiple categories; you can buy pretty much anything from automobiles to used electronics, or even use the site to look for a job.

 11. Srchie

Monthly visits: unknown

Available countries: US

While we don’t know how many monthly visits Srchie has, we doubt that it’s the largest online flea market in the world as advertised by the site. Nevertheless, it still gathers a lot of deals and bargains.

Whether you’re looking for kitsch garden gnomes, a second-hand vintage gadget, vintage furniture or antiquities, you can find it all here.

Since most of the items on Srchie can also be found on Etsy or eBay, we’d rather go for the bigger names though.

12. Fleabay

Monthly visits: unknown

Available countries: US

Fleabay looks rather sketchy, to begin with. This online flea market has some ads on it, but it doesn’t work properly. It doesn’t even load your location, so it’s not truly inspiring to shop through them.

With the last add uploaded about a month ago and no known traffic data, you can try this marketplace at your own risk.

 13. Vflea

Monthly visits: unknown

Available countries: US

Just like Fleabay, VFlea is one of those websites that doesn’t really inspire trust. It has unstylish graphics and looks rather sketchy. But then, Craigslist looks sketchy too, so we can’t judge a book by its cover.

It has some ads on it, although there are only a few recent additions. Does it have enough active members? Is it secure? Could you really find a bargain here? Who can tell? We didn’t test it, and we wouldn’t recommend that you do. After all, Craigslist is always a better option.

Tips and Tricks to Buying Things on Online Flea Markets

Now that you know which online flea markets to try and which to stay away from, you might wonder what are the best buying practices. While it may differ from buyer to buyer and one marketplace to another, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Keep your communication on the marketplace

While there are a lot of scammers on online flea markets, each platform usually benefits from dedicated customer support that can help you get a refund or your item if things go awry. To do this, however, the marketplace must be able to access your conversation. Thus, you should keep all communication in the marketplace and avoid texts, private emails, or calls.

Don’t post any sensitive data in public

If you decide to make a query for an item and let sellers come to you, avoid posting any sensitive data in public. This could comprise the delivery address or even your full name. Protect your identity until making the final agreement with a seller, and only disclose your information to them via a private message.

Make all inquiries about the item before buying

The marketplace can’t guarantee the state of the items sold on it, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you get what you pay for. If the images are not descriptive enough, make sure to ask all the information before buying an item, and not after. Some sellers can use generic images to describe their product, so ask for confirmation that what you see is what you get.

Meet up in person for payment and collection

If possible, it is always recommended to meet in person for payment and collection. This is because you’ll be able to actually check the item before handing over your money and refuse the transaction if the item doesn’t meet the description or your expectations.

Make any online payments with PayPal

The most secure way to pay for purchases on online flea markets is through PayPal. This is because the platform guarantees your purchase and returns your money if you don’t get what you paid for. While you could always make a claim with your credit card company, it’s usually simpler to make all payments via PayPal.

Never send money through Western Union or by mail

Scammers are everywhere, including the online flea markets. So, if someone asks you to send money through Western Union or by post, just say no. Trust us, and you won’t get a bargain. You’ll just be scammed.

Don’t buy cheap marketplace vouchers

When shopping at flea markets, if an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. People selling discounted vouchers for Amazon or other marketplaces have most likely used the discount code already, and all they are selling you is a piece of plastic with a marketplace name and amount printed onto it but without any real value.

Ask for proof of authenticity when buying luxury items

If you decide to buy luxury items or expensive antiquities, always ask for proof of authenticity. Make sure to keep the proof and have the items inspected by a certified specialist upon arrival, to make sure you paid for the real deal.


Online flea markets can open worlds of new possibilities when it comes to bargain shopping. We hope you now know which are some of the best sites to check out, which you’d better skip, and how to make safe purchases. So, happy bargain hunting.


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