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Whether you’re saving for something special or just looking to cut costs, everybody loves a freebie. From product samples and vouchers to full size freebies, we’ve put together a detailed get it free reviews to help you the best free stuff out there.

Part 1: What is Get It Free?
Part 2: Is Get it free Legit? Pros and Cons of using Getitfree
Part 3: How to get free samples on Get it free?
Part 4: Best alternatives to Get it free for free samples

What is Get It Free?

As the name suggests, Get It Free is all about getting something from nothing. From everyday household goods to luxury items, Get it free is a one stop shop for articles, advice and coupons to help you know where to look when it comes to free products as well as lots of money saving deals.

As if that’s not enough, Get It Free also has a great community where members can swap tips and compare notes.

Free and simple to use, members browse the site for offers or search for a particular item to find deals. Once you’re ready, you can simply click onto ‘Redeem Now’ which will send the deal into your basket where you will normally be directed to the supplier’s site and given further instructions.

For each offer, you can see how long the deal has been running and, how many times it’s been redeemed as well as the expiration date to make sure that you don’t miss out.

When browsing the coupon section, all you need to do is click the scissor icon on the offer you want and it’ll be popped into your basket. Once finished, you can print the coupons that you’ve clipped.

Is Get it free Legit? Pros and Cons of using Get it free

We can all be a bit cynical when it comes to freebies – often, when something seems to be good to be true, is is and this is true, to an extent, with Ge tit free.

First things first, Get it free is a legitimate site in that it does what it promises, although with a few caveats.

Here we list the pros and cons of using the site:

Pros of Get it free

  • Get it free offers a huge selection of products, many of which are name brand or high end.
  • It is possible to get products absolutely free of charge by using the site.
  • The coupon section of the site is really simple to use and offers lots of really handy money off deals.

Cons of get it free

  • With some of the offers on Get it free you’re required to jump through a fair number of hoops to get your deal in terms of having to fill in lots of forms whilst being passed from site to site.
  • Each time you redeem an offer with Get it free, you’re immediately bombarded with nuisance calls and emails from various companies which can be very off-putting.
  • Offers tend to expire quickly or run out of available products.

How to get free samples on Get it free?

There are some great freebies on Getitfree but, be prepared to be patient!

First, click on the freebies link at the top of the page in order to view the freebies available.

Once you’ve found a freebie you fancy, click onto ‘Redeem’.

This is the part that requires patience: You’ll now be redirected to the product site where you’ll usually be asked to perform a task such as taking a quiz or survey.

In some cases, you may also be asked to sign up to the company’s site or newsletter. Once you’ve completed all the required tasks, you’ll be directed to a page with an online form where you will fill in your contact details. You will then be sent either a code by email or your sample will be posted to you.

On the whole, Getitfree is a good site to keep handy, despite the annoying sales calls. If you have the time to spare to browse and fill out the forms, you can bag yourself some really good freebies.

Best alternatives to Get it free for free samples

Getitfree is not, of course, the only freebie site out there – the internet is crammed with sites offering discounts, points programs and freebies and, we’ve put together our favorite alternatives to Getifree here:

Lifeadvicer’s get free samples by mail

Something of a well kept secret, the Lifeadvicer is a treasure trove of articles, tips and freebies for the frugal shopper. Although set up as a blog site,  Lifeadvicer also features reviews, money saving deals and, of course, those all important freebies.

Quick and simple to grab yourself free samples by filling out the an application form.

Reddit freebies

The ever popular Reddit offers quite a few freebies if you know where to look. Although you’re unlikely to find big ticket items here, you’ll do well if you’re happy with free T.shirts, food and drink, stickers and magazines.

Advertised as ‘Free pointless fun stuff,’ there are still some great products to be had.

Facebook review groups

When talking about places to get your hands on free stuff, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Facebook. Over the last few years, Facebook has seen a resurgence in advertising which has brought with it opportunities for freebies. There are literally hundreds of product review sites on Facebook which reward thoughtful and detailed reviews with free products. You can search for review sites by country or by city to find one local to you or, you can browse some of the top groups that we’ve put together here:

Our Top 10 Facebook Review groups

Hot deals, coupons & freebies – this is a great group for bagging a bargain on Facebook. Check in regularly and interact with some of the other 88,000 members to make sure you know what’s available.

Freebies & free samples – a relatively new group for the USA which features the best coupons, vouchers and deals to be had.

Freebies & bargains no review group – This site is for people offering genuine freebies or money off deals without product review.

Freebies – This simply named site is just all about the freebies and features free samples, competitions and more.

Freebies & free samples – This group may currently have a small following but it has some big bargain freebies. Interact with other members for the best results and to keep your finger on the freebie pulse.

The review groups

Amazon Reviews (US only) – This group is populated by Amazon sellers offering free and discounted product in exchange for authentic and detailed reviews.

Amazon reviewers club – Exactly as it suggests, this group is for those looking for free product in exchange for honest reviews.

Free products for UK – This British group offers members great free products on Amazon and more in exchange for reviews.

Free product Amazon – A great group for Amazon addicts offering products in exchange for thoughtful reviews.

Boostester – New review site offering freebies, discounts and more in exchange for product reviews.

They may say that you get nothing for nothing but, we know that’s simply not true. Although some sites may be a little misleading about what’s actually on offer, this guide should help you on your way to finding your first set of freebies.


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