15 Proven Ways To Help You Get Free Food Samples




Have you ever thought about trying out that new brand of cheese, bread, or salami but are not fully convinced it’s money well spent? Free food samples can undoubtedly help you make up your mind.

But why do brands offer free food samples, and where can you get them?

Whether you’d like to try something new or just love some freebies, check out these 15 proven ways to help you get free food samples, both in-store and online.

1. Why Can You Get Free Food Samples?
2. Get Free Food Samples from Walmart & Local Grocer
3. Get Free Food Samples From Freebie Websites
4. Summary

Why Can You Get Free Food Samples?

In a world with packed-with-food supermarkets, you might wonder why anyone bothers on giving free food samples; furthermore, why should you get them? What’re the benefits?

Beyond the obvious marketing considerations, most food brands offer free samples for the following reasons:

  • To increase sales: It’s been demonstrated that in-store product demonstrations – including food samples – have the highest conversion rates. Brands want you to buy, so giving some of their food for free is a sure way to increase their sales.
  • To increase customer retention: People are more likely to become loyal to a brand or store that gives them something in return. For instance, customers feel more incentivized to purchase frozen foods if they can first taste a bite of what they’re getting. Stores that often run free food promotions are also more appealing to the customers than those that don’t.
  • To make you feel obligated to purchase: It might sound sketchy, but studies have shown that most customers feel subconsciously obligated to buy a product they’ve sampled. Whether it’s social pressure from the staff members or other samplers, there are higher chances you’ll walk home with a block of cheese you’ve tasted than one you’ve only seen on the shelf.
  • To turn stores into destinations: You might not always need to buy food, but the thought of trying some freebies can turn stores into destinations. Once you’re in, through smart marketing practices, they’ll determine you to buy something.

While brands always offer food samples with the sole purpose of increasing brand awareness, sales, and customer loyalty, you can also draw some advantages out of it. Indeed, getting free food samples will give you a chance to:

  • Try out a new product: How many times did you walk into a store, seen a product, and wondered if you’d like it or not? Food samples give you the chance to try it out before spending your hard-earned cash. Beyond the unconscious feeling of obligation to buy, it’s unlikely you’ll buy a product you don’t like. Food samples also give you the possibility to discover foods you wouldn’t have considered before trying them.
  • Save some money: Indeed, many people take advantage of the food samples to cut off their monthly food costs. Whether you’re a student or working in an office near a superstore, walking through the aisles and trying out tasty bites can save you lunch or dinner money. According to some shoppers, you could save as much as $200 per month with this method.

With this in mind, it’s easy to understand the free food samples hype. But where to get them? Check out the 15 proven ways below.

Get Free Food Samples from Walmart & Local Grocer

The most obvious place where to get free food samples is in a store. Whether it’s a superstore like Walmart or your local grocer, food samples are not that hard to come by.

Walmart, for instance, offers free food samples on weekends and sometimes even during the working days. You can grab a wealth of tasty bites, from meets and entrees to beverages, desserts, and snacks.

Most local grocers also offer their free food samples on weekends, usually near lunchtime.

If you’re shopping at Walmart, you can find out what foods are being sampled by simply searching your zip code on their website.

Other stores, including Whole Foods, Costco, and Target, are also known for their free food sample campaigns either throughout the weekdays or during the weekend.

Get Free Food Samples From Freebie Websites

Have you ever heard of the concept of free food samples by mail? With this method, you won’t have to roam the superstores and local groceries in search of some free food, but wait for the samples to come to you.

If the idea sounds appealing, know that there are quite a few freebies websites you can check out.

To help you in your quest, we’ve put together this list of 14 freebie websites that send free food samples by mail or coupons to free foods in stores and restaurants.

1. Womanfreebies


Womenfreebies won’t send you food samples, but they gather all free food offers available on the market. More than samples, you can sometimes redeem an entire meal by following the indications on the website. For instance, if you subscribe to Jimmy John’s Freaky Fast Rewards Program through Woman Freebies website, you can redeem a free 8-inch sandwich from their Original Favorites Menu.

In the same way, you can also claim free sushi rolls, cinnamon buns, condiments, iced coffee, and more. Offers are updated regularly.

2. Freeflys


Similar to Womenfreebies, Freeflys gather free food coupons from stores and manufacturers; all you have to do is browse their Free Samples Today section and check out the free food coupons on the website.

Some coupons give you freebies after a purchase; such as the Starbuck’s free refills with any beverage purchase. Others are simply free food coupons you can use in selected stores to redeem your reward.

No matter what you’re after, browsing this website can surely give you access to a host of interesting offers.

3. Hunt4freebies


If you’d like to receive food samples by mail, check out the Hunt4freebies website.

Here, you can find a lot of interesting offers and promotions. Just click on the offer you like, fill in the form, and wait for the samples to get to you. While most offers arrive in 2-3 weeks, keep in mind that it may sometimes take up to 6 weeks to receive the samples in your mailbox.

Besides free samples by mail, the website also gathers in-store offers and coupons.

Furthermore, you can check out their other sections to get health and hygiene samples, beauty samples, and more.

4. Snagfreesamples


Snagfreesamples is a fun website that not only gathers freebies and coupons; it finds the most engaging ways of getting free samples and even winning prizes, coupons, or more free food samples.

For instance, one of the campaigns currently running on their website will get you a host of upcycled ingredients and the possibility to win a prize if you decide to compete in the contest.

While this is just an example, there are many fun ways to get free food samples from them and not only.

You can also redeem free samples of supplements or beauty, hygiene, and home care products.

5. Freesamplesmail


Free Samples by Mail has an intuitive name, and the website does exactly this. It helps you get food samples – and not only – by mail.

If you want to get offers specific to your geographical area, know that you can access the specific sections of the website if you live in the USA, Canada, or the UK. International consumers can also access international offers, although not all of them ship in all countries.

Besides samples by mail, you can also access coupons for free food in-store or in-restaurant.

6. Freakyfreddies


Free Freddie’s is one of those sketchy-looking websites that doesn’t promise too much. Nevertheless, it gathers all freebies one could think of. Whether it’s food samples or free samples of anything else, chances are you’re going to find them here.

The nice thing is that you can find literally all kinds of freebies. From coupons for in-store food samples to free food samples by mail, there are quite a few deals you can find here. Undoubtedly, a website worth checking.

7. Wowfreestuff


Another sure way to get some food samples is through WOW Free Stuff. Like other sites on this list, this one gives you the possibility to subscribe to free food samples by mail or claim coupons for in-store free food.

Whichever you pick, know that they update their offers regularly, and you can get a host of freebies from them.

Once you’ve grabbed your free food, make sure to check the Top 20 Freebies section for a wealth of interesting deals.

8. Guide2free


Let’s face it; you can never get too many food samples. So, another website to check out is Guide2free.

Here, you can find food and drink coupons, freebies, free food samples by mail, and many other interesting perks.

Food apart, the website gathers an interesting range of freebies and discounts to different stores. In their product testing section, you can even claim more expensive freebies by simply agreeing to test and rate the available products.

Free food samples vary from tea and coffee to snacks and even entire meals at selected venues.

9. Tryspree


Tryspree has everything, from food samples to a wealth of samples in all other sectors, from automotive to home care.

Like the sites above, Tryspree is an aggregator of offers, but to redeem them, you’ll have to visit the manufacturer’s site or offer page by simply clicking the button on Tryspree.

10. Latestfreestuff


If you live in the UK, check out the Latest Free Stuff website. Smartly divided into freebies, free competitions, discount vouchers, and money-making, this site gathers many interesting deals. Such as free restaurant dining cards, Starbucks or McDonald’s vouchers, food samples by mail, and more.

Some are food samples; others will require you to subscribe or complete short surveys; others come as bonuses with purchase.

Regardless of their type, though, we like the variety and quality of offers present on this website.

11. Freebiesinyourmail

Well-organized, Freebies In Your Mail brings you an interesting array of food samples. While most people love to redeem as many food freebies as possible, this website also makes it easy to find only those samples you’re interested in.

Freebies are divided into 5 categories, including free drinks, free food samples, free snacks, free spicing and seasoning, and free emergency food.

No matter what you need or would like to taste, all samples will be mailed to you at your home address. It might take a while to get them, but the waiting is well worth it.

12. Appleseedfood


Unlike most websites on this list, Apple Seed Food is not a freebies aggregator. Stylish graphics inspire trust from the moment you open it, and they actually help companies build brand awareness and getting customer opinions shortly after or right before the launch of a new food product.

Apple Seed Food doesn’t impress with abundant offers, but the ones you do find are usually of the highest quality.

All samples claimed on this website are sent to you by mail in 3 to 6 weeks.

13. Getitfree


From free gift cards to free food samples by mail or in-store, there are quite a few deals on Get It Free.

While the offers are not international, you can still access them from the USA and other countries. The nice thing is that Get It Free gathers many freebies, and you can also get coupons, vouchers, and discount codes from them.

14. Ofree


The last freebies website on our list, O Free has some of the most interesting offers on the market. You can easily sort the food samples by country and avoid losing time browsing through offers that may not apply to you.

Besides free food samples, you can also find coupons, sweepstakes, free magazines, and also other free stuff and online freebies.


Food samples can not only help you discover new foods; they can actually help you save some money on your meals. Whether it’s in-store food samples or free food samples by mail, you have quite a few options to choose from. Just pick your favorite and start sampling some goodies.


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