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While looking your best on all occasions is a must in our society, we all know cosmetics and free beauty products often come at hefty prices. Investing in them will undoubtedly pay off, but how can you tell if a new and expensive beauty product will live up to the expectations?

The easiest way to find out whether a beauty product is worth your money is by testing it. But where to get free beauty samples from? Here are 25 legit places to try out.

1. Get Free Beauty Samples from Makeup Companies
2. Get Free Beauty Samples From Freebie Websites
3. Get Free Beauty Samples By Being a Beauty Guru
4. Get Free Beauty Samples From Social Media
5. Conclusion

Part One: Get Free Beauty Samples from Makeup Companies

Cosmetics and makeup companies know how important it is to prove the efficiency of their products to customers. That’s why most of them give free samples to those interested in testing them. You can either request samples online or get them directly from the shops.

1. Sephora


Sephora is one of the biggest players in the cosmetic industry, and the brand offers up to two free samples for each online order. Alternatively, you can visit any Sephora shop and get or ask for free samples regardless if you bought something or not.

2. Ulta


Similar to Sephora, Ulta lets you pick the free samples you want to receive with your purchase. The nice thing is that besides beauty products, you can also choose related items such as beauty cases, tools, bags, and a variety of other interesting giveaways.

3. The Body Shop

The Body Shop

The Body Shop doesn’t require you to buy anything to get free samples. All you have to do is register your interest and wait for the samples to get to your home. Offers are limited though, and the brand usually gives samples on a very limited range of cosmetics.

4. Aveda


Another popular brand renowned for giving away free samples on purchases is Aveda. You can pick up to 5 samples for each $40 order or above; besides free samples, you will also get free shipping.

5. Loreal USA

Loreal USA

Available for US residents only, Loreal USA is looking for both men and women eager to test their beauty products, from hair care and styling to cosmetics and skincare. Testing can be done either on-site or at home, depending on your location and available time.

6. Lancome


Another famous company in the beauty industry, Lancome gives away free beauty samples at checkout. You can usually choose only one complimentary sample, and the products are typically limited, but it’s truly worth checking them out if you’re a fan of the brand.

7. Allure


You can also get free beauty samples from Allure. Besides free giveaways, the company also runs an interesting campaign called the Beauty Box. You can order the box for $10 and get a wealth of samples of the newest Allure products.

Part Two: Get Free Beauty Samples From Freebie Websites

Another simple and legit way to get your hands on a wealth of beauty samples is through the freebie websites. These sites aim to offer sellers a chance to get their products reviewed to increase their popularity. For you, they mean a lot of free goodies, including beauty samples.

8. Pinchme


Pinchme is one of the most popular product testing sites. You can find products in multiple categories here, but you can simply register your interest in cosmetics and beauty products to trim down options.

9. Tryspree


All you have to do to get free samples from Tryspree is to sign in and register your interest. Just make sure to be fast, as free samples are limited and offers tend to be claimed quite quickly.

10. Freeflys


Freesflys gathers a lot of freebie offers from the most renowned brands, including Revlon, Sephora, Burberry, and Urban Decay. Just click on the samples you’d like to get to find how to request them.

11. Snagfreesamples


Another aggregator site, Snagfreesamples is a user-friendly platform that gives you access to dozens of beauty sample giveaways. Browse through your options and simply click Snag This on the ones you’d like to get. The website will take you automatically to the brand’s website, so you can request the free sample.

12. Myfreeproductsamples


Despite its name, this website offers much more than free beauty samples. While you will be able to claim a lot of them, this is also a place where to find interesting deals, discounts, and coupons. All you need for a smart shopping session.

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13. Freebiehunter


Another interesting site to check out is Freebiehunter. You can expect to find dozens of free samples including cosmetics, perfumes, skincare products, hair care, and more. Besides, the site also gathers a collection of coupons and discount codes.

14. Yofreesamples


Yofreesamples is a coupon and discount code site where you can find coupons for a wealth of free beauty samples.

The website will also tell you whether you’ll have to take a survey or perform any other task to claim the samples, so you can decide quickly which coupons to claim and which to skip. Besides beauty samples, you can also claim food samples.

15. Freesamples


All you have to do to get free beauty samples from Freesamples is to click Offer Link on the products you’d like to test.

You can find almost anything from shampoos, creams, makeup, and more. The site also offers a wealth of other samples as well as grocery coupons and other discount codes.

16. Freakyfreddies


Despite looking rather sketchy, Freakyfreddies is another great site to check out if you’re interested in freebies and free samples. You can find links to most samples offered by brands, so you can claim them quickly and easily.

Part Three: Get Free Beauty Samples By Being a Beauty Guru

If you’re a beauty guru and influencer, there are many dedicated websites that will give you free beauty samples or connect you with the brands.

Obviously, the samples are not exactly free, as you’ll have to review them and share your opinions with your followers. Nevertheless, you’ll still get the products without paying for them.

17. BzzAgent


If you want to get free beauty samples from some of the leading brands such as Rimmel, Gillette, Loreal, or P&G, join BzzAgent, register your interest, and get invited by brands to test their products. Then, share your experience with your followers.

18. Influenster


From makeup to skincare, nails, fragrances, hair, and a wealth of products to test in other categories, Influenster is a true heaven for makeup gurus. You can even buy products through the website to claim cashback on eligible purchases.

19. Smiley360


Smiley360 is a platform similar to the review sites. It aims to connect sellers with shoppers, giving shoppers access to a lot of freebies in exchange for their unbiased feedback and review. Obviously, the more followers you have, the higher the chances to win freebies.

20. Samplesource


Similar to Simley360, the Samplesource gives you access to a lot of freebies by simply registering your interest. These include free beauty samples such as perfumes, makeup, skincare products, and more. All the samples will be delivered to your doorsteps for free.

21. Crowdtap


Crowdtap works on a simple principle. Get the product you want, share your opinion, and get rewarded. Rewards usually mean gift cards and free product samples; you will receive the samples you enjoy and want to discuss, so that’s an easy way to grab some free beauty samples.

22. 0.8L


On 0.8L, you can get more than free beauty samples. This website gives you access to a wide range of interesting deals and discounts. Obviously, everything in exchange for your unbiased opinion.

Part Four: Get Free Beauty Samples From Social Media

It’s useless to deny it. Everything happens on social media these days, and your free beauty samples are there too. You can get them on Reddit, Facebook, or Instagram.

23. Reddit

Reddit is one of the most underrated social networks, but the truth is that you can find quite a few interesting deals and giveaways here. Because this is a discussion website, everything happens under different threads.

For instance, you can search for Beauty Boxes, Makeup Freebies, or Freebies to find people or brands that offer free samples.

On these threads, many users also share links to free samples and giveaways, so it’s truly worth to check them out.

24. Facebook

As the biggest social media network, Facebook is definitely the place where to find free beauty samples. You can either follow your favorite brands, as most of them share links to free samples regularly or join review groups.

For instance, you can simply type the words “Amazon review” in the search bar, and you’ll find a lot of groups to join. Sellers in these groups share tons of free products each day, and it’s quite easy to find free beauty samples among them.

25. Instagram

Just as Facebook, Instagram is a very popular network where you can find a host of free samples. Simply use hashtags like #freesamples, #freesamplesbymail, #freesample, #freebie, to find free samples and those who are offering them.


Finding free beauty samples is not complicated. There are many legit ways to get them, whether or not you’re an influencer. You can even maximize your chances of getting samples by using two or more of the methods above at the same time. And remember, patience is key to getting the free beauty products you want.



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