8 Verified Methods To Become an Amazon Product Tester




One of the many ways to save your purchases on Amazon is becoming an Amazon product tester. By testing products and reviewing them, not only you’ll have a chance to get your items discounted, there is a high probability you’ll get them for free.

If you usually shop at Amazon, perhaps you’re wondering if you can become an Amazon product tester for any of the items listed in their categories.

Luckily, you can. Here are 8 verified methods to become an Amazon product tester.

1. Method 1: Test Products From Amazon Review Sites
2. Method 2: Join Amazon Prime
3. Method 3: Run a Blog or a Social Media
4. Method 4: Amazon Vine Program
5. Method 5: Join Some Free Samples by Mail Programs
6. Method 6: Facebook Group
7. Method 7: Reddit
8. Method 8: Product Testing Websites
9. Conclusion

Method 1: Test products from Amazon review sites

Amazon review sites were born to connect new sellers with shoppers, as a way for the former to get reviews and grow their brand reputation on Amazon. Here, brands give away their products either for free or at heavy discounts, hoping that this will determine buyers to leave an unbiased review. Below, some of the best Amazon review sites to check out.


Jumpsend amazon product tester

Available in the US and UK, Jumpsend gathers dozens of discounts for items up to $20. Most of the products listed on the site are freebies, and you can find products in 18 Amazon categories.


  • Convenient search function
  • Easy to claim items
  • Most orders are fulfilled by Amazon



One of the best Amazon review sites, Snagshout is the go-to place if you want to score great deals on more expensive items. You can find almost everything here and even have the possibility to search only Amazon Prime deals.


  • Excellent deals for products in all categories
  • Possibility to check the upcoming deals
  • Option to search Amazon Prime products only

Elite Deal Club

Elite Deal Club

Once you log in with Facebook or create an account, you’ll have access to dozens of interesting offers and discount coupons for products in most Amazon categories.


  • Deals available for most Amazon marketplaces
  • Easy to redeem your offers and coupons
  • You can buy up to five products per day



Although Zondeals doesn’t include freebies, you can find a lot of products discounted up to 99%. Besides, the site is planning to launch a price tracker that will let you know when the price drops on any products you want to buy.


  • Quick and easy signup
  • Amazon promo codes of at least 30% off
  • New functions to be launched soon



One of the most popular Amazon review sites, Vipon impresses with a wide number of deals and products. You can either claim discounts on current deals or check the upcoming ones and plan your shopping accordingly.


  • Discounts between 50% and 100% on selected products
  • Wide range of products in all categories
  • Available for international Amazon marketplaces

There are many amazon review sites like vipon, you can just register and choose product to test.

Method 2: Join Amazon prime to be a product tester

While all the sites above give you access to discounted or free products, what most aspiring product testers don’t account for is shipping fees. Even if you can get the products for free, shipping fees are in some cases inconveniently high.

By joining Amazon Prime, you’ll not only get free shipping on all Prime products regardless of their cost, but you will also have higher chances of being selected as a product tester by the sellers.

Most Amazon review sites give you the possibility to search for Prime products exclusively, so you can maximize your savings.

Although you will have to pay to be a Prime member, Amazon gives you plenty back. Besides free shipping, you will also have free access to music, books, movies, and more.

Method 3: Run a blog or a social media

With everything happening online nowadays, running a popular blog or being an influencer on social media truly pays off.

Obviously, you’ll have to work hard to gain popularity and a lot of followers. Chances are you will have to offer free reviews to sellers at first, as a way to grow your profiles.

Once you have thousands of followers though, it will be the sellers to contact you to test their products and write a review on them.

Not only this can become a lucrative gig, as many sellers are willing to pay for such services, but you will get a lot of free products since most brands know that they will gain a lot of clients thanks to your review.

Method 4: Amazon Vine Program for product testing

Another way to become an Amazon product tester is by joining Amazon Vine. This is an invite-only program, and joining it takes some serious effort from your side. Nevertheless, it’s all worth it.

To begin with, you’ll have to start writing helpful reviews on every purchase you make from Amazon. They don’t have to be positive reviews but must be truthful and unbiased.

Amazon uses an algorithm to determine who can become a Vine Voice, so once you’ve reviewed sufficient products, you may be invited to join.

As a Vine Voice, you can choose a lot of free products from brands, manufacturers, private labels, and vendors participating in the program that you can test and review.

Once you join the program, all your reviews will be labeled with Vine Voice. To stay in the program though, remember that you should keep reviewing the products you actually buy from Amazon too, so you can keep your rank high and increase your chances of getting free products.

Method 5: Join some free samples by mail programs

A simple way to become an Amazon product tester is by joining some free samples by mail programs. Not all products you receive will come from Amazon, but most of them do. And after all, you’ll still be able to get your hands on some nice freebies. Two of the most popular programs are Lifeadvicer and AMZDiscover Reviewer Program.


Lifeadvicer lets you sign up to free samples by mail directly onto their website. Just fill in the form, select what type of products you’d like to receive, and click on the button.

Then, just wait to be contacted via email about any free samples in the category you’ve selected.

AMZDiscover Reviewer Program

AMZDiscover aims to connect Amazon sellers with reviewers. The latter will get free products in exchange for an unbiased review, and you can sign up by filling in an online application form.

Just like Lifeadvicer, you will have to express your interest for products in a specific category. A nice thing though is that AMZDiscover Reviewer Program is available for international Amazon marketplaces.

Method 6: Facebook Amazon Product Tester Groups

Facebook is the largest social media networking site in the world, and one of its greatest features is the possibility to create groups. There are thousands of them on the platform, including multiple groups aimed at Amazon sellers, reviewers, and aspiring product testers.

Sellers usually join these groups to find reviewers. As a shopper and aspiring product tester, you can join as a reviewer and connect with those sellers who offer the products you’re interested in.

There are literally so many Facebook groups to choose from that it’s easy to find the products you want.

Method 7: Reddit for Amazon Product Tester

Reddit is not defined as a social network, but in essence, it is. According to its developers, this is a social news aggregator, discussion website, and web content rating.

What many people don’t know is that Reddit has a thread for free content and product giveaways.

You can find a wealth of interesting deals here, from discounts on various online services to freebies. Scouring through all offers may take you some time, but if you’re patient enough, there are high chances to find interesting deals.

Method 8: Product Testing Websites

Besides all the methods above, there are also many product testing websites you can join.

Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club is a community of shoppers born to help other shoppers make intelligent buying decisions. You can register to receive products directly at your doorsteps in exchange for a review.


  • A wide variety of products to test in selected categories
  • Available in multiple countries
  • You will get products to test according to your interests



Another super-easy to use product testing website. All you have to do is register, fill in your profile, and pick the samples you want to try. Samplesource will take care of the rest and deliver the products to your doorsteps completely free of charge.


  • Free makeup and beauty samples
  • Order status checking system
  • Product samples available in the US and Canada



Similar to Home Tester Club, Pinchme mails you free product samples in exchange of a review. The best thing about it is that it sends a box full of samples instead of just one product.


  • Easy to join by creating an account or signing up with Facebook
  • New batches of free samples released regularly
  • Possibility to win exclusive samples by gathering points through simple activities

User Testing

User Testing

Unlike many other testing sites, User Testing will not give you free products; it will actually pay you to test various services. Signing up is easy, and you’ll have to fill in a test before you can get real assignments. However, the hassle is well worth it.


  • You can earn up to $60 per task
  • Open to the US and international testers
  • Easy to receive earning directly on your PayPal account

Read more details from our Usertesting review.

Product Testing USA

Product Testing USA

Developed to connect brands with reviewers, the Product Testing USA lets you select the product you want to test, receive it at your home free of charge, then keep it, all for an unbiased review.


  • Wide variety of products in most categories
  • A chance to test and keep expensive products, including gadgets and electronics
  • Available for all US residents aged 18 or over

6. Tomoson


Tomoson is an exclusivist site dedicated to influencers and bloggers. It connects them with sellers who want to boost their brand awareness or gain more reviews. In exchange, you will get free products to test or even monetary compensation on selected gigs.


  • Exclusive platform designed to connect sellers and influencers
  • High chances to get freebies or heavily discounted products
  • Paid gigs from selected sellers


Becoming an Amazon product tester is a sure and simple way to get your hands on free or heavily discounted products. Usually, all it takes to receive free samples or products to test is to offer a review in exchange.

Your chances of getting expensive products grow exponentially if you’re an influencer on any social media platform or if you have a popular blog. Nevertheless, there are also many sites that allow anyone to subscribe and register the interest of testing a specific product regardless of your online popularity.

We hope the eight verified methods to become an Amazon product tester mentioned in this article can help you find the right way of getting freebies or heavy discounts on your future purchases.


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