Amazon Price Adjustment: Get a Refund After Price Drops?




There is hardly anything more frustrating than making a purchase only to see that the item’s price dropped soon after you bought it. If you got bought it from Amazon, perhaps you’re wondering if you can benefit from the Amazon price adjustment.

Maybe you learned already that Amazon changed its price matching policy. But what does it mean? Can you still ask for a refund?

Read on to find out everything you should know about it. Before moving on, though, you should know that this article refers to items that are sold directly by Amazon; if you bought something from a vendor on Amazon, you would have to contact the vendor directly to ask for a price match.

1. What is Amazon Matching Policy?
2. How to Get an Amazon Price Adjustment?
3. 7 Price Tracker Apps & Chrome Extensions to Help You Win Amazon Price Adjustment
4. Bottom Line

What is Amazon Matching Policy?

Amazon matching policy is a policy the marketplace had until not long ago and according to which it offered partial refunds to match the new price of items whose price has dropped.

According to the initial policy, Amazon offered refunds for price drops on all items sold directly by the marketplace to customers filing the request within 30 days from their purchase.

Due to an abuse of the policy, the company reduced the refund request time to 7 days, and then it canceled it altogether.

Currently, Amazon does not offer refunds at all for price drops after you made a purchase

In other words, if you bought an item now and after 5 minutes you notice a price drop, Amazon won’t match the new price, and you won’t be able to claim a partial refund from them.

The only exception to this policy is the televisions, for which you can still claim a price adjustment from Amazon.

However, even if the company’s policy doesn’t include price adjustments anymore, buyers reported that there are still times when the customer support approves such requests.

Therefore, before giving it all up, it is worth trying to contact the support and see what they have to say.

How to Get an Amazon Price Adjustment?

Since Amazon’s policy regarding the price adjustment says that the marketplace only matches a price drop for televisions, your only chance of getting a partial refund is by asking for it nicely.

The answer will be no most of the times, but thanks to Amazon’s pro-customer policy, the customer ser