60 Fast Ways To Get A Free Amazon Gift Card




What could be better than an Amazon gift card?  A free one, that’s what!

It’s never been easier to get hold of an Amazon gift card – simply pop onto the site, click onto the Gift Card section on the top bar, make your selection and pay your voucher online. The increasing popularity of Amazon gift cards means that a lot of companies are using them as incentives to entice new customers and, here, we show you how to get hold of Amazon gift cards absolutely free!

Quick Guide:

Part 1: 10 Best Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Card
Part 2: 37 ways To Get Amazon Gift Cards By Filling Out Surveys
Part 3: 8 Other Ways To Get Amazon Gift Cards
Part 4: How do I check the balance on my Amazon Gift Card?

Part 1: 10 Best Ways to Get Free Amazon Gift Card

1. Amazon itself!

Where better to start than the folks at Amazon themselves? Periodically, Amazon will reward the purchase of a gift card for somebody else with a freebie for yourself.  All you need to do is keep tabs on when the offer is being run and then purchase or top up a gift card online to receive your own free card.

2. Quidco

Popular shopping cashback site, Quidco allows you to earn money whilst shopping for products and services such as energy providers and insurance deals.  All you need to do is join up and then shop via the site in order to earn points.  Although points can be cashed out into a bank, building society or PayPal, customers who choose to receive their points in the form of an Amazon gift card receive an additional 2.5% top up bonus.

3. Swagbucks

Another cashback site for shoppers, Swagbucks allows users to earn points when they shop.  After a short registration process, users can add the Swag button to their browser so that, each time they shop at an eligible store, points will be added to their account (within 30 days of purchase).  Once a user has enough points, they can be exchanged absolutely free for an Amazon gift card.

4. Receipt Hog

If you’re one of these people who always ends up with a pocket or bag full of receipts, it’s finally about to pay off!  The Receipt Hog app allows you to earn points which can then be cashed out via PayPal or exchanged for Amazon gift vouchers.  All you need to do is take photographs of your receipts and upload them via the app in order to start collecting points.

5. QMee

QMee is a browser extension which users download and then use to conduct their online searches instead of Google or another search engine.  QMee rewards users with points each time a search is made which can then be cashed out as Amazon gift vouchers.  It takes a while to collect enough points for an Amazon gift card but, as it involves very little action, it’s definitely worth having.

6. Mobile Xpression

It takes just one week to get your free £5 Amazon gift card from Mobile Xpression.  A kind of online market research group, the app spends 7 days analyzing your mobile internet usage before sending you your shiny new Amazon gift card.  If you choose, you can continue with the app once your 7 days are up in order to carrying on collecting points to be exchanged for further gift cards.

7. Cash Crate

Not quite a crate of cash, Cash Crate offers a number of different ways of earning cold hard cash including shopping, playing games and friend referrals.  Users can play games and participate in contests with other members in order to earn points which can then be converted to Amazon gift cards – for those who love gaming and Amazon, this one’s a win win!

8. Ebates

Another cashback site, Ebates gives you money back on your purchase when you shop via the site.  

Simply visit Ebates, choose your retailer, accept money off coupons and then shop as you normally would.  Once your purchase is complete, your cashback (sometimes up to 16%) will be popped into your account to be exchanged for either cash into your PayPal account or Amazon gift cards.  As if that’s not enough, you can even buy Amazon gift cards through the site and earn cashback on them!

9. Honey

Offering sweet discounts, Honey is a browser extension which looks for money off deals on every website that you shop on, saving you the hassle of having to look for voucher codes yourself.  

Simply pop the extension onto your browser then, every time you shop online, Honey will automatically work out the best deal for you. Users also earn Honey Gold Rewards as they shop which can be converted into a number of different rewards, including Amazon gift cards.

10. Mobee

A little bit different, Mobee is a secret shopping app which assigns its users special shopping missions at local stores.  Really good fun – and with lots of points to be earned and converted to Amazon gift cards, users get to play secret shopper and report back to the app in order to earn points and special achievement rewards.

Part 2: How To Get Amazon Gift Cards By Filling Out Surveys 

We live in an extremely competitive world and, retailers and manufacturers are constantly looking to gain customer opinions and feedback in order to make sure that they’re delivering what customers are demanding.  This means that there are more ways than ever before to get hold of free Amazon gift cards by filling out online surveys.  

Quick, easy and often lucrative, surveys are a great way of collecting points and turning them into rewards.  Here, we list the top 37 survey sites which reward users with Amazon gift vouchers:

11. Inbox pounds

Free to sign up to, British Site, Inbox Pounds, pay up to £5 per survey taken.

12. Topcashback

Although not strictly free, Topcashback allows members to buy unwanted gift vouchers at huge discounts.

13. Mingle

Mingle is a multi language website which pays out gift cards for filling in surveys and testing products for international users.

14. i-Say

Free Amazon gift cards for filling in surveys plus a great loyalty program and a monthly giveaway of a £90 prepaid Mastercard in UK.

15. InstaGC

InstaGC rewards members for playing games and taking surveys.  The points can then be cashed out for Amazon gift cards.  Over 350 different vouchers to choose from.

16. GlobalTestMarket

Points are paid out for taking surveys plus, Global Test Market also offers competitions and sweepstakes.

17. Springboard America

US business-based survey site offering rewards including cash, Paypal and Amazon gift cards.

18. Toluna

Toluna gives you 500 points just for joining – and then another whopping 1300 when you complete your profile.  Points can be cashed out via Paypal or Amazon gift cards.

19. Vindale

Survey site offering cash and gift vouchers for surveys.  Very high payout threshold of $50.

20. Job Spotter

UK site, Job Spotter, pays Amazon gift cards in exchange for shoppers spotting job vacancies in shop windows and posting them to the site.

21. GetPaidTo

Members can earn Amazon gift cards by filling in surveys, playing games and listening to the radio.

22. Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

A little bit different, MTurk pays for members to complete Human Intelligence Tasks for businesses.  You need to apply for this one as not everybody is accepted but, payment is at a good rate and can be received in Amazon gift cards.

23.  Survey Junkie

Professional survey site which encourages members to become influencers by sharing their opinion in exchange for Amazon gift cards.

24.  American Consumer Opinion

US based survey site offering Amazon cards in exchange for completing surveys on a wide range of topics.

25. Nielson National Consumer Panel

Consumer survey site for household purchases with great rewards including Amazon gift cards.

26. Prize Rebel

Points based survey site which rewards the completion of surveys with cash or gift cards including Amazon.

27. iPoll

UK survey site offering rewards for consumer opinions.

28. Inbox Dollars

US based survey site offering rewards for playing games and completing online surveys.

29. Survey Spot

As the name suggests, this site is all about surveys and rewards with Paypal or Amazon gift cards.

30. You.Gov

British public opinion and data site offering rewards for opinions on everything from politics to TV programs.

31. Test Spin

Survey site which claims that members can earn up to $600 in cash or Amazon gift cards by taking surveys.

32. Knowledge Panel

International survey site offering rewards including cash and gift cards.

33. Nice Quest

This easy to navigate British survey site offers rewards for surveys on a huge range of topics.

34. Earning Station

American site which offers great rewards for completing surveys and watching videos.

35. My Survey

Offers cash or gift cards for completion of surveys online.

36.  Survey Monkey

Claiming to be the world’s most popular survey site, Survey Monkey offers rewards for surveys on a wide range of topics.

37. Point Club

As the name would suggest, this is a points-based survey site which offers $5 just for signing up.

38. Grab Points

Free to sign up, Grab Points offers rewards for completing surveys and watching television.

39. Pinecone Research

US based site which rewards in cash or gift cards on completion of online surveys.

40. Paid Viewpoint

Online survey site offering rewards for opinions – high payout threshold of $15.

41. Super Pay Me

High paying online survey site offering rewards of cash and gift cards.

42. Harris Poll

Survey and analytics company offering Amazon gift vouchers in exchange for consumer opinions.

43. Cinchbucks

Popular survey site offering great rewards paid out in gift cards including Amazon.

44. Survey Rewardz

As you would expect, this site rewards members for completing surveys.  Rewards include cash and Amazon gift cards.

45. Gift Hunter Club

Survey site offering a wide range of rewards including Amazon gift cards.

46. Panel Station

USA survey site offering payouts via cash, Paypal or Amazon gift cards.

47. Triaba

International survey site offering good rewards via bank transfer, Paypal and gift vouchers.

Part 3: 8 Other Ways To Get Amazon Gift Cards

48. Bing

Using Bing as your search engine earns you points which can then be cash out for Amazon gift cards.

49. Amazon Visa Card

Sign up for the Amazon Visa Card and you’ll receive points every time you use the card which can then be cashed out either to your bank or Paypal or, as Amazon gift cards.

50. Ibotta

This grocery shopping app rewards you with points which can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards.

51. Amazon Trade-In Program

Swap your unwanted tech and gadgets for Amazon gift cards – a great one to keep handy for after Christmas!

52. Drop

Cashback site, Drop, offers instant rewards in the form of Amazon gift vouchers when you shop through the app.

53. Dosh

Connect your credit and debit cards to DOSH in order to win instant points which can be redeemed for gift cards including Amazon.

54. Instagram

Log onto Instagram and search for #rewards, #giveaways and #giftcards to find new ways of grabbing free Amazon gift cards.


Health insurance site, JOANY, offers high rewards for filling in lengthy health-related surveys.  Rewards include Amazon gift cards up to $25 a time.

Part 4: How do I check the balance on my Amazon Gift Card?

It’s super easy to find out how much you have on an Amazon Gift Card:

  • Log onto your Amazon account
  • Go to ‘My Account’
  • Go to ‘Gift Cards’
  • Enter the Claim Code
  • Click onto Check (not Redeem)
  • The balance will now be displayed

One you know where to look, there are a huge number of ways to get your hands on free Amazon gift cards.  Start now and you’ll have plenty to give away for your Amazon shopping!



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